Buoyancy Aids

Kayaking Bouyancy Vests

Shop from our range of streamlined, movement-friendly vests with variations in features to suit any paddler's needs and budget

Manufactured by top brands Rasdex, Ultra and Hutchwilco.

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Hutchwilco Multi-fit  vest

Hutchwilco Multi-fit vest

From: $129.00 NZD

Mission Quest PFD

Mission Quest PFD

From: $219.00 NZD

Rasdex Hydra PFD

Rasdex Hydra PFD

From: $152.90 NZD

Rasdex Multisporter PFD (With Block)
Rasdex Progression PFD (With Block)
Reactor II PFD

Reactor II PFD

From: $159.00 NZD

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