Water Wear Guide

This is a basic guideline structure as to what sort of water wear is required, based on surface water temperature. This dependent however on the activities the suit will be used for and the individual's preferences. Please feel free to contact us for any further advice on the gear you need.



23° & above
Boardshorts, Surf T's, Rash vests + sunblock
21° - 23°
0.5mm or 1mm wetsuit top, Boardshorts + sunblock
18° - 21°
2/2mm Shorty or Short sleeve spring suit + sunblock
17° - 18°
2/2mm Short sleeve Full or Long sleeve spring suit
14° - 17°
3/2mm Full suit with 2mm Surf Sock
12° - 14°
3/2mm or 4/3mm Full suit with 3mm boot
10° - 12°
4/3mm Full suit, 2mm hood - 3mm boots & gloves
8° - 9°
5/4/3mm Full suit with hood - 5mm boots & gloves
8° & below
6/5/4MM Full suit with hood - 7mm boots & gloves

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