• Chinook Roof Rack Pads

If you want to use your car's existing roof rack to transport your boards, you should consider picking up a pair of rack pads. These roof rack pads from Chinook are a low-cost, high performance solution for supporting your boards during transit. It comes with a pair of two pads that fasten around your car's roof rack so that you can safely transport your surfboards, longboards, SUPs, or similar loads to your next surf destination.

These roof rack pads feature aerodynamic EVA Moulded pads with an easy-to-clean PVC top panel, which helps to minimize wax build up. These pads are also made to be super easy to install and remove from your car roof. When you're not using them, simply detach them from your crossbars.

This rack system is a great choice if you want superior quality protection for your boards while transporting them to and from your surfing destination. Plus, because it's made by Chinook (a brand known for high-quality equipment), you can trust that you'll get superior performance from this gear.

This product comes with the rack pads only. 

Product Dimensions: 28" long

Chinook Roof Rack Pads

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