• Kahuna Creations Adjustable Big Stick - Hydro with GenV Blade

The Kahuna Creations Adjustable Kahuna Stick - The Hydro with GenV Blade! A land paddle at it's most versatile. 

Land Paddling is Kahuna's most fearless innovation for no-limits long boarding. Riders use the Kahuna Big Stick to lean into intense downhill turns, or as a land paddle for cross country long boarding and an excellent work out. As well as it's fitness and cross training purposes, the big stick allows increased stability and control when skateboarding, giving confidence to those starting out.

The adjustable nature of this paddle allows it to be used by the whole whānau, adjusting for even the youngest of groms. It is easily stored and transported making it the go to paddle for most households.


  • Strong, solid shaft designed with a flat-ridge side, which delivers robust performance as well as a more comfortable grip.  
  • Big, ultra-durable machined buttons for easy height adjustment.
  • Pre-installed with New GenV Road Blade.
  • Ergonomic handle forms perfectly to your hand.
  • Features the Hawaiian Hono turtles and tribal artwork for sweet looking ride.
  • Adjusts from 4'5" to 6' (1.4m to 1.8m)

The Kahuna Adjustable land paddle is the culmination of 12 years of development. US Patent No: 8,636,306 B2


  •  The New GenV Road Blade has the best ergonomic road feel while paddling. 
  • Engineered with New Ballistic Polycarbonate Compound for lightweight strength.
  • GenV Road Blade is designed with an incredible, new proprietary Thermo Plastic Elastomer, which delivers both solid, soft feel and durability.
  • Beautifully designed contoured lines and organic curves add to the awesomeness!
  • Undulated (wavelike) design for the smoothest transition throughout the entire stroke.
  • Variable sized dampening holes to deliver the smoothest stroke with no jarring.
  • The GenV Blade is the only blade that is compatible with the Hydro Big Stick.


To size a Kahuna Big Stick, you want the handle of the stick to be between your chin and top of your forehead, while standing on a longboard. For most longboards the rider is going to be about 3-4” or 7.5-10cm taller while standing on the longboard. Kahuna Creations longboard heights are listed in the description for each longboard. 

EX: If a rider is 5’9” or 1.75m standing on the ground, and their longboard is 3” or 7.5cm high, they will be about 6 ft or 1.83m standing on the longboard.

Kahuna Creations Adjustable Big Stick - Hydro with GenV Blade

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