• Rasdex Adventure Semi Dry Paddle Jacket

Affordable, clean and simple cag that will stop all that cold water running down your sleeves.

Slim-line semi dry cag with super-comfortable neoprene neck and textured breathable fabric. No unnecessary frills, just what you need to keep warm and dry. 

Ideal for many kinds of paddling, whether you're using a kayak or a sit on top, on a lake or a river, in competition or just plain having fun.

4oz fabric


  • Folded neoprene cone neck - a redesigned neck using soft, supple 1.5mm neoprene for a non-restricting seal that avoids any weak points or ragged edges. 
  • Latex wrists with covers - includes a drainage eyelet to stop water building up between the layers. 
  • Neoprene waist - a deep band for a good comfortable single seal. 

Fabric: A 4oz 'Tactel' textured nylon with a breathable, delamination-proof Exeat coating.

Colours: Blue/Black.

Rasdex Adventure Semi Dry Paddle Jacket

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