The Viper is a remarkable windsurfing board. A beginner can make their first steps on it in light winds, yet a proficient windsurfer can enjoy blasting around in the footstraps in stronger wind conditions. Designed from windsurf school feed back, CAD and Sebastian Wenzel shaping magic.  The board has a good stability and non planing tracking, but wants to get on the plane and assists keeping speed through gybing manoeuvres.

The most valuable board is the one that teaches new enthusiasts how to Windsurf. The Viper does just that. Fanatic has a sublime knowledge base that is channelled into building the ultimate board to get new sailors on the water and succeed!

The Viper is all about pure progression. Catering for those first moments of standing on the board, holding a boom, through to full speed planing in footstraps. A compact, retractable daggerboard and durable Power Box fin make the Viper ultra versatile, offering both, true light wind glide and a more advanced fun board in one package.

The Softdeck pad is kind on the knees, which is warmly welcomed by beginners and experienced novices alike. A long, adjustable mast track makes tuning the board to suit smaller or larger sails extremely straightforward, while the nose handle helps to move the board around.

The High Resistance Skin (HRS) offers tough durability across all of the available sizes and the four different widths means the Viper range is exceptionally accommodating to every size, age and skill of rider. A plain white Softdeck version is also available for schools and clubs.

Key Features:

  • Straighter, more parallel rails for reduced drag and cleaner waterline
  • Compact ›Stubby-Style‹ nose for reduced swing weight and super responsive foot steering through gybes
  • Wide diamond tail for minimum drag and extra planing power needed through lulls / lightwinds
  • Slim center width and a straighter rail ow for speed
  • Trim and stance perfectly match the board’s length, tail width and rocker line
  • Smooth and controlled ride over choppy water achieved via a at panel power
  • V bottom shape, and a slight double concave from nose to center
  • Flat deck shape transitioning into thin, more de ned rails for superior carving with maximum stability in the stance area

High Resistance Skin (HRS):

High Resistance Skin composite technology – an optimum weight and durable construction for everyday use. 
A thick, durable outer skin gives the board hull high strength, plus ding and impact resistance. 
Strategic use of Glass reinforcements ensures an adequate stiffness. 
Used on the standard Gecko, as well as on the Viper / Ripper ranges in combination with a user-friendly EVA deck.

Fanatic Viper Windsurfing Board

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