Wide and thin – that’s the overall Gecko concept. 

Combined with the extremely evenly distributed volume, less volume is needed for the same outstanding planing effect. Just the right amount of board so you could in fact ride a smaller Gecko than you normally would. 

The flatter deck transitions into thinned out rails offering a secure platform for your stance and the ability to dig deep into your carving manoeuvres which the Gecko will execute outstandingly.

Based on the massive success of the Gecko line since the initial introduction into the Fanatic range, Fanatic are excited to complete their 2015 collection with four new shapes sure to complement every individual’s skills, style and taste.

The much loved Shark has been discontinued, but Fanatic have integrated some of the test legend’s best qualities into the new, larger sizes of the Gecko. They took the new Gecko concept of ›wider, thinner, less volume‹ and adapted it to the larger sizes. With a gradual increase in length and straighter outlines, a great deal of balance and stability is on offer. The Gecko is able to cater for footstrap first timers and planers, all the while still maintaining its manoeuvrability as seen in the smaller sizes.

In addition to their extraordinary carving attributes, the Gecko has the ability to generate good ›pop‹, perfect for your first classic freestyle moves. If you’re looking for a board that is a pioneer planer and master carver then the Gecko is a must for you!

Key Features:

  • 75 degree pintail reduces drag and enhances control
  • Wide compact outline for early planing
  • Increased length and parallel outlines for the new 120 l, 133 l, 146 l and 156+ l
  • High performance scoop rocker line and tail for a higher entry and flat tail release
  • Flat deck transitioning into thinned out rails for the ultimate carving experience
  • Flat panel power V bottom shape
  • Slight double concave on the 4 new bigger sizes

High Resistance Skin (HRS):

High Resistance Skin composite technology – an optimum weight and durable construction for everyday use. 

A thick, durable outer skin gives the board hull high strength, plus ding and impact resistance. 

Strategic use of Glass reinforcements ensures an adequate stiffness. 

Used on the standard Gecko, as well as on the Viper / Ripper ranges in combination with a user-friendly EVA deck.


The Bamboo Sandwich Light Technology is a combination of top quality and intelligent layup specifications, Bamboo Sandwich and Glass / Wood reinforcements. 

This unique construction offers extremely competitive weights at value prices. 

Used for the Hawk and Gecko models, with the clear visible Bamboo material in the deck.


The top-level Innegra Carbon specification, in combination with the Cork-Sandwich construction, provides a perfect weight to stiffness / flex ratio. 

The Sandwich combination with environmentally friendly Cork Sandwich technology and local glassed reinforcement provides a perfect shock absorption in the stance area. 

On the bases of the LTD boards Fanatic features the innovative Basalt Cloth, a material that is not only technically superior to standard cloth, but also environment-friendlier in both its manufacturing and recycling processes. 

All these models are produced with the Light Finish look, where the primary board color gets mixed into the laminating resin, for extra weight reduction.

Fanatic Gecko 105 Windsurfing Board

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