• Chinook Race Harness Lines

The ultimate windsurfing racing harness lines.” Designed for the serious sailor who wants the best. Adjustment is made easy with a good size grab adjustment handle, and lightweight custom designed cleat. With a large 12 inch plus range all the way out to 32 inches and custom pre-length setting, they allow the harness lines to be set to the users needs. A durable/stiff, self-positioning tubing loop keep the lines in a consistent shape for hook in and out.

Super smooth 12inch range windsurfing harness lines. The Chinook race harness lines have an easy to grab handle and a replaceable rope.

  • Durable/stiff self-positioning tubing loop.
  • Replaceable rope.
  • Lightweight custom designed anodised cleats.
  • Easy in-flight adjustments.
  • Easy to grab adjustment handle.
  • 12 inch plus range.
  • Maximum length is 32 inches.

Chinook Race Harness Lines

  • Brand: Chinook
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