• Seventhwave Hot Top Short Sleeve

A versatile top that can be worn by itself for warmth, sun and wind protection or under a wetsuit for extra warmth.

0.5 mm neoprene with heat reflecting titanium laminated to the inside.

External seams for comfort.

Very warm but at the same time lightweight, packed with high performance and amazingly flexible. A thin, versatile top that can be worn by themselves for warmth, wind and sun protection in summer, or under your existing suit to make a big difference in terms of heat retention during winter.

Made from 0.5mm neoprene combined with Titanium Alloy Alpha, a super thin heat retaining film constructed out of the stuff used by NASA and specifically designed to increase heat by up to 40%. Titanium Alloy Alpha makes it possible to develop thinner, warmer, and lighter tops.

By simultaneously reflecting your bodyheat back onto the body and resisting cold air from the outside of the top, Titanium Alloy Alpha really is space age stuff. With seams on the outside for a smooth, rash-free fit, and lycra neck/sleeve panels, this item packs a whole lot of comfort as well as warmth.

Features Flatlock seams for added comfort.

Worn on their own or under a suit, the Titanium Hot Top is an essential accessory for any water-sport fanatic!

Seventhwave Hot Top Short Sleeve

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